A Coruña, España

Software development company

voltio.net is born from an idea. The idea of applying modular architectural techniques to the development of mobile applications. All this, without losing focus, and developing native applications, using the latest and most innovative technologies. And after years of hard work, the project sees the light.


We focus on developing the best applications using the best tools and methodologies of each of the platforms to achieve optimal results. In this way, in all our projects we are committed to work under high standards of development quality.


Our main goal is to offer to our users the best experience everytime. The development always begins with a brainstorming, in the purest style of agile methodologies, resulting in a series of prototypes, which bring us closer to the final product. After this, the magic begins.


We are software engineers with experience in many industries, such as healthcare, ecommerce or banking, working in huge companies in the IT sector. We are passionate about new technologies, and we focus mainly on the development of mobile applications with gorgeous designs.

Our Team

There is no more important asset in voltio than our team, so here is a brief summary of the members of the company.

Brais Mirón

Software Engineer

Alejandro Segade

CTO & Software Engineer

Daniel Ruiz

Software Engineer

Fernando Posse


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